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Our company is built on the foundation of our values. Our ethos of using business as a tool for the good of the world underpins who we are, how and why we do, what we do. We are committed to a sustainable future and using business as a force for positive social, economic and environmental change.


We work every day to make Shravni’s Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading and most reputed Facility management company.


Our values are applied daily in our company’s culture and are also a proclamation of who we are. They are our guiding star and at the heart of every team member, and power of success. With Sustainability as the core of our ethos, we are able to achieve shared value for our Customers, the Environment, and the Business. Our values assist each of us to be the best vesion of ourselves.

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Pradip Aghav

Founder & Director

With a remarkable journey spanning over 12 years in the dynamic hospitality industry, he has transcended humble beginnings as the son of a farmer to emerge as a true trailblazer in his field. His indomitable willpower and unwavering work ethic have not only overcome challenges but also cultivated an impeccable reputation for delivering extraordinary services across various countries.

A Remarkable Odyssey

Born and raised in the heart of a farming family, Mr. Aghav defied all odds to embark on an extraordinary career in the realm of hospitality. Armed with no prior experience or familial background in the field, he courageously seized opportunities in far-flung destinations like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and numerous other countries. Through relentless hard work, unyielding dedication, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he mastered the intricate nuances of the industry. In the process, he built a vast network and garnered invaluable experience, cementing his position as a seasoned professional in the international hospitality arena.

Expertise and Industry Acumen

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the dynamic hospitality industry, Mr. Pradip Aghav possesses an unparalleled understanding of the distinct challenges and exacting requirements inherent to the sector. He has meticulously cultivated a profound knowledge of cleaning practices, hygiene standards, and guest expectations. This expertise empowers him to craft and execute tailor-made solutions that consistently surpass client satisfaction.

Building from Zero to Success

A testament to his exceptional leadership and unwavering resolve, Mr. Aghav played a pivotal role in the ground-up establishment of our company, propelling it to its current position of prominence. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a hands-on approach, enabled him to assemble a team of adept professionals committed to delivering top-tier cleaning hospitality services. Through his visionary guidance, our company has thrived, earning the trust and loyalty of a multitude of esteemed clients.

Courageous Attitude

Mr. Pradip Aghav embodies a courageous attitude that emboldens him to confront the most challenging situations with unwavering confidence. Whether faced with demanding clients, intricate projects, or high-pressure environments, his resolve remains steadfast and poised. His ability to navigate arduous circumstances with grace and determination has garnered the respect and admiration of both colleagues and clients alike.

Client Satisfaction and Global Reach

Through his unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Mr. Aghav has forged a reputation for delivering peerless client satisfaction. His unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations has engendered enduring partnerships with esteemed hospitality establishments spanning multiple countries. The trust and loyalty he has earned from clients are a testament to his exceptional service and steadfast dedication.

Our Guiding Force:

Sachin Itkar


Mr. Sachin Itkar is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in healthcare advisory. He holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in pharmacy, management studies, intellectual property management, and healthcare administration. He has also completed executive development programs in leadership and strategic planning.

Starting as a research scientist, Mr. Itkar now advises and serves on the boards of prestigious healthcare and technology companies. His contributions include notable publications and patents in pharmaceutical packaging technology, and he actively participates in policy development for government bodies.

His exceptional knowledge has earned him numerous awards, and he has a global presence through conference participation. Beyond his professional achievements, he is actively involved in philanthropy and cultural promotion, emphasizing a positive attitude and hard work as keys to success.

Bijoy Kumar Gurung


Meet Mr. Bijoy Kumar Gurung, the accomplished CEO of Shravnis, bringing over two decades of diverse industry expertise from retail, marketing, and tourism. His proven track record in roles such as General Manager at PANDA Supermarket in KSA, Operational Manager at KK Super Market in Nepal, and Marketing Manager at Gurung Tourism in Dubai highlights his insights into operations, marketing, and top-tier customer service. 

With global exposure spanning various countries, Mr. Gurung’s adaptability to diverse cultures and business practices uniquely equips him for the ever-evolving cleaning hospitality services field. His exceptional administrative skills, problem-solving acumen, and a customer-centric approach make him an indispensable force in ensuring client satisfaction and profitability. Join us in our journey to set new standards, led by Mr. Bijoy Kumar Gurung’s visionary commitment to delivering unparalleled service and innovation in the cleaning hospitality industry, leaving lasting impressions on guests worldwide.

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