Privacy Policy

Shravani welcomes you to our privacy policy.

Shravani India Private Limited, sometimes known as “we” or “us,” is in the business of offering services that help to connect clients with experts. This policy outlines our relationship concerning the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of personally identifiable information that has been shared with us.


If you’re accessing or using our website or our platform to get your work done by opting for services that Shravni offers you on or through our website. This policy simplifies professionals’ work and on-demand services as known as Experts.

We as Shravani, commit to protecting your personal information securely with this privacy policy validation. Your data is collected and it is kept for further services. Kindly note that we won’t share any of your details with any third party. This policy is to explain how we use your data and its process.

Kindly understand that the word Terms has the same meaning that relates to our Terms and Conditions. Please go through this policy that is true to the Terms.

By using our services, you directly assure that you have read and agreed to this policy and the continuing process


1. Background and key information

  • How this Policy applies to you: This Policy applies to individuals who have access to or avail of any of our Services. “You” refers to the end-user or the individual who is using our platform. By using our platform, you are agreeing to the collection, storage, disclosure and usage of your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy as we collect it.
  • Review with updates: We reserve the Privacy Policy and refine it constantly. We also request you review it regularly as well. It is also important that we have access to your accurate and current personal data. Also you need to update your personal data changes during our service period.
  • Third-party services: Our platform might also add third-party links or websites, plugins, or any other services in the upcoming days as the name of “Third-Party Services” By clicking and enabling those links you agree to share your personal data with that third party to use it. We are neither responsible nor we control these Third party services and we remain non- responsible for their privacy policy. While using third-party links or websites we recommend you read their privacy policy.

2. Personal data that we collect:

  • The different types of personal data that we collect include:

  1. Contact Information: Your email address or home address, location, and mobile numbers.
  2. Identity and Profile Data: Information like your name, username, or similar identifiers, photographs, and gender.
  3. Marketing and Communicating Data: Your address, email address, information posted in service requests, offers, wants, feedback, pictures, comments, and discussion in our chat boxes, responses to user surveys and polls, your reference in receiving marketing communications from us and our third parties, and your communication preferences. We also store and collect the record of your chat and call records that help to communicate with our professionals through the platform.
  4. Technical Data: Collecting your technical data includes your IP address, browser type, internet service provider, your operating system details, access time, pages viewed, your device ID & type, how often you visit our site, website and mobile application activity, service usage, clicks, date and time stamps, location data, and other technology on the device that you use to access the platform.
  5. Transaction Data: Details such as the details of the service or professional services that you have availed, a limited portion of your credit or debit card details for tracking transactions that are provided to us by the payment processor and UPI Id’s for processing payments.
  6. Data Usage: Other information includes how you use the services and professional services, your activity on the platform, booking history, user taps and clicks, user interests, time spent on the platform, details about user journey on the mobile application, and page views.

  • We also collect, use and share your personal information that is shared with us like statistical or demographic information. The aggregated data can be derived from your personal data under the law. According to our policy, we treat the combined data as personal data which can be used as one.
  • What if you are not providing any personal data? We collect personal data by law and under terms and if you fail to provide your personal data, then you may not be able to continue with the contract.

If you’re not ready to share your personal data then we may cancel or limit your access to the services.

3. How do we collect your personal data:


We follow certain ways to collect your personal data from you including,

  • With direct personal interaction with you to collect the personal data. The details you need to provide us with are,

  1. Provide your personal data by creating an account or valid profile on our platform.
  2. Get benefited from any of our services.
  3. Participate in polls or online surveys and enter the promotion.
  4. Active marketing communications by commenting, linking and marketing the services.
  5. Address the problem that you face on our platform, and our services also provide us with feedback to improvise it.

  • Automated technologies or interactions: Whenever you visit the platform or use our services, you authorize us and our service providers to contact you through the details like your device, patterns and browsing actions. By using Collins, web beacons, pixel tags, server logs and other personal data are collected through these technologies. We may also receive technical data about you if you visit other websites or apps that employ our cookies.
  • From Third Parties or other external sources: We will also gather your personal data from other sources like a third-party website or external parties. i) Technical Information from other sources like Facebook and advertising circles. ii) Identity and profile related data and contact data from service professionals and publicly available information from various sources and also the personal data about your from our affiliate entities.

4. How do we use your personal data:

  • Personal data can be used only if the law permits us to do so. Your personal data is used or provided only when we need it to provide professional services or when we need to comply with the legal obligations . The times when we use professional data for following purposes.

  1. It is necessary to verify your identity with registration as a user. It creates an account on the specified platform.
  2. Provide you with Services
  3. To provide you with professional services
  4. Monitor trends and personalize your experience
  5. Use the information and feedback we receive from you to improve the functionality of our Services
  6. Improving customer service to effectively respond to your service requests
  7. Processing payments and tracking transactions
  8. We will notify you periodically about changes to our services, send you information and updates regarding the services you have availed of, and send you occasional company news and updates related to us or the services, to manage our relationship with you.
  9. To assist with the facilitation of the Professional services offered to you, including sending you information and updates about the Professional services you have availed of.
  10. Marketing and advertising for the services to you.
  11. Meeting legal requirements.
  12. To manage and safeguard our company’s operations and Services, including internal tasks like system testing, data analysis, troubleshooting, and internal operations.
  13. To enhance our operations and economic strategies
  14. To fulfill our duties resulting from the contract we’re intending to or already have with you.
  15. To enforce our Terms, and
  16. To comply with court orders, make or exercise legal claims made against us, or protect our legal interests.

  • By using our Services and opening an account on the Platform, you accept and understand that you are giving us, our service providers, associate partners, and affiliates permission to contact you by phone, email, or other means. You require this information so that we would provide you with the Services, make sure you are aware of all the features of the Services, and for other connected needs.
  • You agree and acknowledge that we may gather, compile, and share any information about you to provide the Services to you, whether or not you directly transmit it to us (via the Services or otherwise), including but not limited to personal correspondence like emails, instructions from you, etc. This may comprise, but is not limited to, service providers who offer or seek to offer you professional services, as well as merchants, social media platforms, third-party service providers, storage facilities, data analytics businesses, consultants, attorneys, and auditors. In conjunction with the aforementioned goals, we might potentially disclose this information to other organizations in the Shravani group.
  • You accept and agree that we may share data without your permission when obliged to do so by law or by any governmental body or authority. The disclosures are given in good faith and are thought to be required for this Policy’s or the Terms’ enforcement. Furthermore, such disclosures are made to abide by all rules and regulations that may be in force.


  • Small files that a website or its service provider transmits to your device’s hard drive via your web browser (if you allow it) enable the site’s or service provider’s systems to recognize your browser and capture and recollect some such details.
  • To provide you with the best user experience, we utilize cookies to help us differentiate you from other Platform users, comprehend and remember your choices for subsequent visits, keep track of adverts, and compile aggregate statistics about site traffic and site activity. To help us understand our users better, we might get in touch with third-party service providers. The information gathered on our behalf may only be used by these service providers to support and enhance our business operations.
  • In addition, there’s a chance that third-party cookies or other similar tools will appear on some Platform pages. We have no control over how third parties use cookies. We may store information about you in a file if you provide us with personal communication, including emails, or if other users or third parties send us correspondence about your actions or postings on the Platform.

6. Disclosures of your personal data:

  • We might divulge your personal information to the below-mentioned third parties for the objectives described in Section 4:

  1. Professionals in the service industry, enabling them to offer you Professional services.
  2. Internal third parties, or other businesses that are a part of the Shravani group of businesses.
  3. Outside parties, such as • Reputable third parties that perform services for us or on our behalf, such as our associate partners and service providers. This includes hosting and running our Platform, assisting with marketing, running our business, processing payments and other transaction-related activities, transferring content, and giving you access to our services. • Web analytics are performed for us by analytical service providers and advertising networks to help us enhance the Platform. To provide their services, these analytics firms may make use of cookies and other technologies. • Upon your request or when you specifically consent to such disclosure, other users have registered on our platform. • As required by law or regulation, regulators, and other organizations.

  • All third parties must adhere to the law and respect the security of your personal data, as required by us. We only permit our third-party service providers to process your personal data for those reasons and in line with our instructions. We do not authorize them to use your personal data for their own purposes.

7. Your rights in relation to your personal data:

  • Update and access your personal information: You hereby represent and declare that all personal information you supply to us is true, accurate, and latest. We try our best to give you access to and the ability to update incomplete or inaccurate data when you use our Services, subject to any applicable legal constraints.
  • Choosing not to receive marketing and promotional communications: If we send you marketing and advertising information via email, we make every effort to give you the choice of not receiving such communications by following the opt-out instructions included in such emails. You are aware of this and agree that it can take us up to 10 (Ten) business days to implement your request to opt-out. Please be aware that we may continue to email you regarding your user account or any services you have requested or obtained from us.


8. Deletion of account and personal data:

  • In spite of any provisions in the Terms, you can remove your account and any personal information that the Shravani group has stored about you by writing an email to us. Processing your request by the Shravani group could take up to 7 (seven) working days. You won’t have access to any Services if your account is deactivated. It is expressly made clear, for the avoidance of dispute, that any data pertaining to transactions carried out by you on the Platform will be retained in accordance with relevant law.


9. Transfer of your personal data :

  • The information and personal data you give us in connection with your use of the Services may be transmitted to and stored outside of the nation in which you are situated. This might occur if one of our vendors, partners, or service providers is situated somewhere other than where you are based, or if one of our servers is occasionally located somewhere other than where you are based.
  • You consent to the transfer, storing, and processing of your information and personal data by us in the ways mentioned above by sending us your information and personal data.

10. Data security:

  • To prevent unauthorised access and disclosure of your personal information, we implement the necessary security safeguards and privacy-protecting features on our Platform, including encryption, password protection, call masking, and physical security measures, and we comply with all applicable legal requirements.
  • You are in charge of maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of any password you choose to access particular portions of the Services or Professional Services. We won’t be held liable for any unauthorized access to your data, lost, stolen, or compromised passwords, or for any actions taken using your user account as a result of such a password leak. You must let us know right away if your password has been hacked in any way so that we can start the process of changing it.

11. Data Retention

  • You acknowledge and agree that we may store and retain your personal information for the time necessary to achieve the aforementioned purpose(s) and for a reasonable amount of time following the termination of your account on the Platform or access to the Services in order to satisfy our legal rights and obligations.
  • In some cases, we may combine your personal information (making it impossible to link it back to you) for research or statistical reasons. In these cases, we may use this data indefinitely without further informing you.

12. Business transitions


You are aware that in the case of a business change for us, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your personal information may be one of the assets acquired.


13. User-Generated Content


We invite you to post information on our platform, such as reviews, comments, photos, and other materials you would like to make available to users of our platform. Please be aware that such content may become public and will be accessible to all users of our platform. We disclaim all responsibility (explicit or implied) in this regard because we are unable to stop such information from being used in a manner that is against this Policy, applicable laws, or your personal privacy. In addition, you undertake to abide by all laws that may be in force with regard to any content you upload or otherwise distribute on our Platform. You are aware of this and agree to take full responsibility for any information you post on our platform that is illegal.


14. Updates to this Policy

  • This Policy may periodically be updated. If we modify this Policy, we will post the updated version on the Platform or communicate with you in another way, such email. You agree to modifications to this Policy to the extent allowed by applicable law by using our Platform following such notice.
  • For the most up-to-date details on our privacy practices we encourage you to periodically review the policy.

15. Grievance Officer


If you need to enquire anything about this policy or about how we handle or process your data you may reach out to us with your queries, grievances, feedback at mail id